How to Do Black Magic

what is black magic

What is Black Magic and What Are the Effects of it

Did you ever think what is black magic? You must have heard About Black Magic many a times, all of us have heard of it sometime or other, but if you never took the effort of knowing about black magic just to quench your curiosity let me explain it to you. Magic is a double-sided coin, if one part is white magic the opposite part is obviously black magic, both are inseparably attached with each other, like head and tail of a same coin, they are mutually defining. The explanation of one will not be complete without the knowledge of the other. If we start talking about black magic, indispensably we must begin with what is white magic. White magic is the beneficial magic that is used for healing purposes, for curing and helping purposes and for protecting evil spells of black magic. And what is black magic then? Yes, you are guessing right, black magic is exerting evil spells with evil purposes often to destroy the positivity of white magic. Black magic involves several parts of study such as sorcery, devilry, necromancy, demonology and invocation of evil spirits – which a magician should acquire before starting black magic or before calling himself a black magician.

Cultural Past of What is Black Magic

What is black magic can be summed up in one or two lines but that will be ignoring the roots from which black magic emerged. Magic when used for narrow selfish and harmful purposes becomes black magic. If you really want to know what is black magic you must know something about the tradition of black magic. In ancient days, people who used to practise magic considered himself to be powerful because they could control a man’s destiny through the magical powers and the association of power with human mind never brought anything good for power is the realization of ability which makes a man self-centred. In past days some magicians used to invoke supernatural powers for achieving power to ruin, to destroy to control and those magicians came to call themselves devil-worshippers or black magicians. Black magic was misusing the rituals of religion for selfish ends. For example, the black magician would use means of prayer for bringing harm to any person. So, the question what is black magic has been disturbing people’s mind from the past.

What is Black magic in Modern Times

Many people who are sceptic about the existence of magic may have laughed at the question what is black magic? In contrary the belief that black magic still exist has not died away. To those persons who belong to the believers’ group if you ask what is black magic they will give you a completely different idea that is often scary, for black magic really has fatal impact and it is said that black magic can ruin relationships of love and marriage, destroy one’s fortune and career and even cause death. So, black magic is not only destructive, it is murderous in some instances. However, if you go and seek what is black magic in the world of fiction and film you will encounter a very popular example which is the magic of Voldemort in Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

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