How to Get Your ≸Ex Girlfriend Back After a Breakup≸

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back After a Breakup

You Can Use Astrology for Making Your Girlfriend Regret that She Broke Up with You

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back After a Breakup – You have just broken up with your girlfriend.  It is likely that both of you have feelings for one another and wish to patch up if given the chance, but are feeling awkward about it. You would be glad to know that you are able to Use Astrology for Making Your Girlfriend feel Sorry that She Broke Up with You.

The process is quite simple. It is that you make her regret about her decision of breaking up with you. Below, we discuss how you can make some definite zodiac signs regret their decision of breaking up with you.


An Aries ex-girlfriend usually feels sorry about breaking up with a guy when she sees that he throws himself into the planet of dating immediately. One thing to remember is that you don’t sulk around and feel remorseful for yourself following a breakup. What you must do is to place yourself right out there and to enjoy the grand old days when you were dating the girl.

Taurus and Gemini

Your ex will feel sorry that she broke up with you when she sees that you have that glow even after the breakup. Another way of putting it is that you must ensure that you appear hot. You are keen on making your girlfriend feel sorry about having dumped you. The finest way of going about it is by getting hold of a pristine wardrobe, going over to the local gym, and highlighting your hair. Your ex-girl is going to feel sorry that she broke up with you as you look extra special.

If you want to make your Gemini ex-girl feel sorry that she broke up with you should change one thing that she had always wanted you while you were together. You had been one person when you had been with them, which they weren’t happy about. Now that she has left you should embrace your proper self.  When she sees that she would wish that she could be your lover again.

Cancer and Leo

Your cancer girlfriend is likely to regret parting ways with you if she’s still within your inner circle and sees how cheerful you are though you don’t have her. For making her regret her decision you should stay in the crowd that you used to hang out with. This is as whenever somebody has a gathering or invites people over, your former girlfriend will be there. In this way, you will get to see one another nearly every weekend, and she’ll regret her decision when she sees you totally unaffected by the breakup.

After breakups, Leos usually expects that will be able to do better, which they are unable to. The first love of Leos is the best thing that they will experience and your girlfriend will understand this after she parts ways with you. You must realize that you’re the finest that she’ll ever get. So stay your own self and she’ll feel sorry and would like to reunite with you.


A Virgo girlfriend is usually repentant when she sees that the guy she has broken up with has started taking care of himself after the breakup. You have every bit of energy that you didn’t have for pampering yourself when you had been dating and you’re using all of it for self-care. You’ve started making healthy choices and you’ve started to send time for spoiling yourself, which is what you girlfriend had wished for when you were dating.

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