How to Win Her Back

How to Win Her Back

Your girlfriend has left you and you are devastated. It seems like the earth has moved from under your feet and there is no reason to live anymore. If that is how you are feeling right now, here is some advice on how to get her back.
One can try the usual, of course, the bouquets of red roses, yellow roses for remembrance hoping she does remember you, mushy cards telling her you love her and can’t live without her. If that doesn’t work then there is always  tears, make a video of yourself moping and listening to some really, really, sad old love songs and up load it on You tube and send it to her on the mail. Or one could try intervention by friends, those who were with you both when the going was good.  If you know who she is with currently you could even buy a voodoo doll of the guy and jab him in places it hurts the most. One must however understand that there is no single formula on how to get her back.  You have to try it all.

There probably is no love guru who can give you instant, quick fix solutions and help on how to get her back or if you are a spurned woman, on how to get him back. It is a fact that one needs pure determination; sometimes even divine intervention, to figure out how to get him back. Maybe your partner may have begun another relationship on the rebound, might even be considering legal action so to understand how to get him back, get your act together, without seeming desperate or demanding.  Do not focus on the negative, the sadness and the anger. Instead be totally prepared to take on any situation, with or without your ex and you will be on the road to recovery. To win back the feelings of an ex, work out  how to get her back you need to be in a positive frame of mind, determined to succeed and a will to move ahead in life, leaving  the problems of the past behind.

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One could always try black magic, voodoo or even a tantric  vashikaran mantra which is meant to ensure the person the mantra is being chanted for , becomes enslaved by you, using occult powers. Or one could try hypnotism or other spells, all of which could either work very well or have no effect perhaps. The efficacy  of such spells or magic is firstly , for you to actually believe in the power of the spirits and secondly, for you to rediscover the magic in your relationship by believing in each other, trusting each other and respecting one another as individuals.

How to get him back is easy, just focus on his feelings, his likes and dislikes and figure out where you may have made a dent and gently repair the same.

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