Shabar Mantra

Shabar Mantra and the importance of having a master

As per the Indian Vedic texts, the mantras and tantras are offering to Lord Shiva. Shabar Mantra is also based on the same principle. It is a mythology, but the words used in the mantras are spoken by us on an everyday basis. The mantras and the tantras of Shabar Mantras shouldn’t be known to anyone else, except for you and your guru.

Support and blessings of a master can yield quicker results

You acquire the powerful mantras through your dedicated meditation. When you share it with others, basically the Sadhana will instantly stop and there will be no results. You shouldn’t share any of your experiences that even comes to your dream. But, at the same time, you need to make sure that you are not hiding anything from your master or guru.

There must be a guru or master in the fulfillment of the Sadhana

The Sadhana refrains you from sharing any information with others. But, the Shabar Mantra or the Vedic Mantra must be shared with your master. When you share everything with your guru, success in meditation can reach faster and in a more effective manner. It is important that the mantra provided by your master must be proved.

You can easily withstand every hindrance in your path

When your guru is there to bless you, you can easily pass through every hindrance or obstacle that comes your way. It is the blessings and the guidance of your master that you are saved from any kind of harmful or dangerous situations during the practice. The energy or the mantra that you receive during the period must be directed into proper path, and it becomes easier with the support and blessings from a guru.

You must be focused and have faith that you will be successful in your Sadhana

Before you begin with the Shabar Mantra, you must be determined in your heart that you will be successful in your meditation. No matter what Sadhana you are doing, you need to maintain the determination and 100% faith and devoted to God. When you are chanting the mantra in the Sadhana phase, you need to keep your focus on the command chakra or the mantra sound. You must not pay heed any exterior sound in the outside environment.

Following complete Brahmacharya is an absolute necessity during the Sadhana period

You need to follow 100% Brahmacharya when you are meditating in the Sadhana period. It is important to keep away any kind of negative feelings and emotions during the period. Moreover, it is also essential to follow the path of non-violence and truth, and you need to be very humble. Taking care of cleanliness must be given importance as well.

Maintain your safety cover while performing the mantras

There are some Shabar Mantra or Vedic Mantra practices that are considered to be quite fierce in nature. Hence, it becomes a challenging and tedious task to acquire the Siddhiss. While performing such practices, there is every possibility that you will do harm to yourself. Henceforth, it becomes a necessity to ensure a safe and secure guard while practices the mantras. For instance, you can use iron nails, water, knife and tongs as safety measures.