SOLVE YOUR LOVE PROBLEMS – Love problems afflict all of us, anyone who has the ability to feel, that is, from the teenager with his first crush to the bachelor octogenarian who wants to find his truelove before he passes on. The path of true love never did run smooth, or so the saying goes, but if one plays ones cards right, all of us can work around our Love Problem and discover how to find love.

Finding ones true love need not be a battle field as in the famous song, nor give one a heartache if one is true in ones mission.  Finding ones true love may seem like a gamble as one may have seen, among ones friends and colleagues, two people who professed undying love for each other suddenly turning into bitter enemies. So, how to find love? Is there any magic formula, any Voodoo Spell or incantation which will lure the one meant for you in your direction? Is there that one site that can lead you to the one you were meant to share your life and love with? Who can ensure that there will not be Love Problems in the Future? Does realisation dawn the minute you see the one meant for you or is it a possibility that in your search for how to find love, you encounter Love Problems.

Love may come suddenly, in the shape of a puppy or stray kitten that needs all the love and affection you can shower, having been abandoned. Finding love is a romantic notion indeed and so , for all those sceptics, one would suggest that you list the characteristics you would desire in your love, the emotional qualities and the physical attributes, the special abilities you are on the lookout for and then maybe, once you have an image clear in your mind , perhaps when you meet someone who displays some of those characteristic or seems special you could try and get up close and figure if he or she is indeed the one of your dreams.

Even once you discover how to find love, the way ahead may not always be paved with roses with birds chirping in the sky. Far from that, actually. Love Problems are bound to crop up as no two individuals are the same but the most important thing to remember is that one must learn to respect the other person as another individual , with his or her own beliefs and work together towards a relationship which is filled with love, trust and respect. That is the secret to finding ones true love, compromising on ones ego problems and learning to love the other, with his or her idiosyncrasies as well.

There may be several Love Gurus who can tell you the special chants you require to win over your loved one, but the main chant is in ones head and heart, to be true to each other, to be transparent and share as much as possible with the chosen one. As they say in the wedding vows,  true partnership means to be together, in love,’ in sickness and in health, for rich or for poor’, that means  in good times and bad, ‘till death do us part’.


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